Friday, November 7, 2008

Klub Bunga Butik Resort Batu

First place i would tell you all is a place called Klub Bunga Butik Resort Batu..This Place is the luxurious place at Malang and also the coldest palce.. All kind of things is in here. hotels, pub, cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, villa, therapy massage pool, sauna, sports facillities etc.

This place is surronded by trees that make its feel more comfortable for us. for those who have child, behind Klub Bunga Butik Resort, there's a place called Jawa Timur Park or we used to call it Jatim Park. its akind of Indoneisan Disneyland -but dont imagine about Disneyland, far from it..LOL- I've take some view-shot

There are 4 swimmingpool here. you can enjoy your time by relaksing at the side pool

Dont woory about the price.. for the swimming pool it's only takes Rp 50.000,00 for sure..and the hotels price was Rp 400.000,00 for the cheapest.. Dont think twice to go here Mate (-_-)y


Seno said...

Batu? Istriku orang Trenggalek, jaug g dari situ?

Savec said...

trenggalek malang -+ 4 jam an
batu letaknya ddeket kota malang, sekitar stgh jam dari pusat kota..
lu ga bakal nyesel d ksini (-_-)y said...

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thank you!

Indonesia for Kids said...

Klub Bunga memang enak buat liburan bersama keluarga